Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a delicious resource of healthy protein as well as  being utilized on sandwiches, in smoothie mixes, on celery, as well as in lots of various other meals. It’s additionally filled with fat as well as calories. It’s vital to obtain healthy and balanced fats in your diet regimen, however it’s simple to overdo it with peanut butter. Also including 2 tbsps of peanut butter to a shake could include virtually 200 calories!
Bell Plantation’s PB2 was a fantastic discovery for me.
So, just what is PB2?It’s peanut butter without the fat. 2 tbsps just has 1.5 g of fat. Regular peanut butter has around 16g! As opposed to 200 calories, 2 tbsps of PB2 has 45.
You’re most likely questioning just how they took care of to eliminate numerous calories without destroying the preference. Well, generally they roast the peanuts then press the fat from them to develop a powder. You include a bit of water to the powdered peanut butter and also it comes to be smooth and also velvety!
It tastes extremely like normal peanut butter when you blend it (and also over 480 5 star customers on Amazon state the exact same). You could include it to a smoothie mix, delicious chocolate shake, or utilize it anywhere you ‘d usually make use of peanut butter. It’s wonderful for cooking as well.Another wonderful
advantage is that it’s gluten cost-free AND non-GMO.
When I initially saw PB2 I presumed it was visiting have lots of chemicals yet I was truly satisfied to see that the listing of active ingredients is tiny as well as basic: cooked peanuts, sugar, and also salt.
Some individuals do not such as the sugarcoated and also while I see why that could be a trouble for some, I’m delighted to claim there is just 1g of sugar each 2 tbsps.
Together with routine peanut butter, you could additionally acquire delicious chocolate peanut butter PB2 which I truly enjoy for healthy protein drinks. It includes some added healthy protein, taste, and also density. supplies both independently or in a dual pack.Whether you assume you’ll like it or otherwise, if you like peanut butter yet have problem functioning it into your nourishment without going means over on calories, it’s worth obtaining one container as well as offering it a shot. If you like it you’ll have a brand-new device for developing reduced calorie dishes.
Right here are a couple of points you could do with your initial container of PB2:
Make reduced calorie peanut butter cookies. This also functions well with flourless peanut butter cookies!
Rather than blending it with water, make use of a bit of fruit juice as well as disperse it on salute. It’ll taste like peanut butter and also jelly!
Make on your own a tiny delicious chocolate milk tremble as a reward and also spray some in for peanut butter benefits.