Preps To Get After The Big 3 | SHTF Prepping What Comes Next
The next set of preps is something every SHTF prepper should be planning for. Here are the next 3 things I am prepping for SHTF.

SHTF Prepping is a constant cycle of acquiring skills, knowledge, equipment and supplies in order to be better prepared for that long term SHTF event we all expect at some point here in the future. The top 3 items any prepper should be focused on first are water, food and security. But, once you are in a comfortable place with those items, where do you go from there? Here I will share with you where my focuses are right now to hopefully help everyone stay motivated with preparedness.

Here are some books that will make great assets to your prepping inventory:
SAS Survival Handbook:
The Survival Medicine Handbook:
US Army Survival Manual:
The Worst Case Scenario:
Prepper’s Long Term Survival Guide:
The Ultimate Survival Manual:
Here are some renewable energy options for generating your own power:
Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500:
Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel:
SAVEMORE4U18 10w Water Turbine Generator:
TFCFL Hydro Generator 500W:
YaeMarine Wind Turbine Generator 400W:

Want to put together a bug out / get home bag and help support this channel at the same time? Check out these suggested items through Amazon affiliate links:

Water Filtration(Sawyer Mini):
Water Filtration(Iodine Tabs):
Combustion(Stormproof Matches):
Combustion(Bic Lighters):
Cutting(ESEE 4 Knife):
Cutting(Kabar Becker BK2):
Cutting(OKC Alpha $30!):
Cover(Emergency Sleeping Bag):
Cover(Emergency Tent):
Cordage(Titan Survival Cord):
Cordage(550 Paracord):
Calories(SOS Survival Rations):
Calories(Datrex Emergency Bars):
Container(Stainless Water Bottle):
Container(Lightweight Mess Kit):
First Aid(Everlit IFAK):
First Aid(MediTac IFAK):
Flashlight(Surefire G2X):
Flashlight(Maglite Mini LED):
Backpack(SOG Opord Pack):
Backpack(Eberlestock Switchblade):

This is just a start for a bug out / get home bag! There are many more items to consider such as clothing and security but hopefully this will help anyone who is looking to start from scratch!

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