It seems like most of the advice out there is geared towards people in houses, and any information that is out there for apartment prepping usually sugarcoats the reality of the situation. I think one reason so many people ignore the topic is because living in an apartment is going to be extremely difficult during a total collapse scenario. That being said, don’t be discouraged; there are some things you can do.
Have a plan !
In order to have a solid plan of action, you need to know exactly what threats are out there, and what threats you are most likely to face based on your own unique set of circumstances.
Identify the most likely threats and disaster situations based on your geographical location and historical data.
Identify what threats are unique to your living situation.
Are you living in a high crime area, are there logistical challenges to evacuating your area?
Are there any areas of your plans, security, or overall preparedness efforts that need to be addressed?
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