My Top 3 Antique Preps For SHTF|Prepping For TEOTWAWKI
It’s incredible exactly how much fantastic prepping equipment you can locate at antique shops! Below I show to you my leading 3 antique store finds for preps. What’re your own?

Commonly when discussing the idea of SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, the idea of going back to the stone age is brought up. Permanently reason! Any kind of variety of events could develop a grid down situation. In the event that this were to take place, a few of the older innovations utilized by humanity for centuries will certainly still hold their very own. Vintage shops are full of this awesome tools that need no electricity. If you don’t go antiquing for preparations yet, possibly you need to begin! Ideally this video clip offers you some suggestions regarding what is out there.

For more details on SHTF prepping, please browse through:

Here are some links to things you may require if you have oil lights or lanterns as part of your preps:

Light Oil:
1/2″ Lamp Wicks:
3/4″ Lamp Wicks:
Substitute Chimney:
New Age Oil Lantern:
New Age Metal Base Oil Lamp:
New Age Hand Drill:
Large Ammo Can:

If you are prepping for SHTF and you intend to look excellent while you do it, have a look at:

Here are some publications that will certainly make fantastic assets to your prepping stock:
SAS Survival Handbook:
The Survival Medicine Handbook:
United States Army Survival Manual:
The Most Awful Case Scenario:
Prepper’s Long Term Survival Guide:
The Ultimate Survival Manual:


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